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ive always made fun of people with addictions cause i felt like yo how are you so stupid to get addicted to something.

its happened

im addicted to kamisama kiss. yes kamisama kiss. its perfect. its amazing. it is my life. and i wanted to know if there is anyone else in this world with the same amazing problem so i can cry,laugh.yell.celebrate with them.

if you are this amazing person please note me

im sure we can get though this together or go deeper in the addiction

either way hi….

I swear I have the same problem, I don’t know what to do. I keep reading and watching the anime/manga over and over.

I want to buy all the volumes of Kamisama Kiss, or at least a few of them. Does anyone want to get rid of their old collection?

Let me know! Thanks!

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i found a pink cigarette

Sweet Couple en We Heart It.

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